Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Welcome to the world Lawrence Endeavour Darbyshire!

Okay so this post is 11 weeks late, we haven't had that much time lately ;-) because on 20th August 2011, we welcomed our second child, a boy, Lawrence Endeavour Darbyshire to the world. Lawrence was born at 00:16hrs (in a labour that dragged on for a week and a half and then finally ended up lasting 4 minutes!) weighing 7lb 8ounces. He's been bringing joy to our lives ever since and making a great baby brother to Charlotte Loyalty Darbyshire, who turns 4 this week, and the dog loves him too :-) He's already rolling around and constantly on the move, which may be because Leah ran, cycled and swam the whole way through the pregnancy, completing her first 5k running race (1st adult, 1st woman) 2 weeks after giving birth and her first ever mountain bike trail race (17.1 miles in 2h:05) at 8 weeks post-natal ;-) Here are a few photos of Lawrie.


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