Monday, November 22, 2010

Half Marathon No.2

By Leah.
I honestly never dreamed that I would be able to run a half-marathon in 1:45:03 but that was my official time in the 25th Anniversary Gosport Half Marathon yesterday!

The flat road course was great, and my race highlights included the Spitfire plane flying low overhead while we were running, and the coastal views of the Isle of Wight when we were running back along the promenade on the homeward leg.

Although I always find the last few miles of half-marathons hard-going, I was really pleased to smash three personal bests during the race, not only 6 minutes off my half-marathon training time but, also, I got my 5k personal best at 23:28 and my 10k personal best at 47:52 (which was faster even than I'd run the Highclere Multi-Terrain 10k in September which I hadn't thought I'd be able to improve on)

Robin, Charlotte, Yishi and Robin's parents, Celia and Lewis, all braved the bitter cold to cheer me home and Charlotte & Yishi, in particular, enjoyed their time on the beach whilst I was off running, so much so, that Charlotte came home with a fair few seashells in her pockets too!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Charlotte turns 3!

By Leah.
Friday 12th November was Charlotte's 3rd birthday. Can't quite believe our little girl is 3, but, she is! Her birthday present was her 1st bike. She was very specific that it had to be a "purple bike" and she is now busy mastering the pedals...

We had a family party tea this year and I made Charlotte a cake in the shape of a cow (her current favourite animal). Well, truthfully speaking, we made it together as she helped grease the tins, beat the eggs and stir in the mixture as usual!

The next day Robin and I took her to Marwell Zoo where her highlights included the cheetahs, wallabys, kangaroos, giraffes, wild cats and zebras.

She seemed to enjoy herself both days and was happy and smiley throughout :-)

And these are some photos from her birthday weekend...the first and third are me & Charlotte at her party, the second Charlotte with her cake, the fourth Charlotte at Marwell the next day and the fifth is Robin & Charlotte at Marwell.

The rest of the photos can be found in our Charlotte's 3rd Birthday Flickr Album

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