Monday, September 13, 2010

Race joy!

By Leah.
I was the 9th woman to finish the Pangbourne Multi-Terrain 10k 2010 yesterday, out of 127-151 female competitors (or the 8th woman in my age group - 18-39)!!! I was never any good at sport at school so to be near the top of a sports/athletics ranking is really a lot of a shock to me!

I ran the undulating (some long, slow hills!) multi-terrain (grass, road, trail, woodland - complete with ruts and tree roots)route in Garmin(GPS watch)time 49:37, a lifetime personal best, and gun time 50:43 official or 50:41 if you believe the photo my Dad took of me crossing the finishing line!

I wasn't the only family member to compete on the day. Charlotte took part in her first mini-race at aged 2yrs 10 months (starting her young!). Robin, Charlotte and my Mum & Dad were there at the race to cheer me on - all funds raised went to Friends of Pangbourne Primary School) and I had enough left in my legs to take the two dogs for a walk in the nearby countryside afterwards!

Here are some photos of me finishing the race(in black & white above), after I'd finished, with my spectators on the dog walk afterwards, Charlotte lining up at the start of her mini-race and during her run. More photos from the day can be found in our September 2010 album on Flickr.

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