Monday, September 27, 2010

The day I went sub-49!

By Leah.
So I don't do any races for 3 months and then I do 2 in the space of 2 weeks! Yesterday I was the 5th woman aged 18 to 34 home to the finish in the Highclere Castle Multi-Terrain 10k and the 11th woman overall out of 343 finishers. I also got my lifetime 10k personal best of 48:48 gun time so now can officially say that I am a sub-49 10k trail runner!

The views from the course, especially over the hillside, were really stunning and I enjoyed running up with the men for most of it - even if they did keep trying to overtake me! Here are some photographs of me leading the men home at the finish ;-) and, warming up because it was a bit nippy at the start, jogging with my 2yr 10 month old daughter, Charlotte.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Race joy!

By Leah.
I was the 9th woman to finish the Pangbourne Multi-Terrain 10k 2010 yesterday, out of 127-151 female competitors (or the 8th woman in my age group - 18-39)!!! I was never any good at sport at school so to be near the top of a sports/athletics ranking is really a lot of a shock to me!

I ran the undulating (some long, slow hills!) multi-terrain (grass, road, trail, woodland - complete with ruts and tree roots)route in Garmin(GPS watch)time 49:37, a lifetime personal best, and gun time 50:43 official or 50:41 if you believe the photo my Dad took of me crossing the finishing line!

I wasn't the only family member to compete on the day. Charlotte took part in her first mini-race at aged 2yrs 10 months (starting her young!). Robin, Charlotte and my Mum & Dad were there at the race to cheer me on - all funds raised went to Friends of Pangbourne Primary School) and I had enough left in my legs to take the two dogs for a walk in the nearby countryside afterwards!

Here are some photos of me finishing the race(in black & white above), after I'd finished, with my spectators on the dog walk afterwards, Charlotte lining up at the start of her mini-race and during her run. More photos from the day can be found in our September 2010 album on Flickr.

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

We have moved again!

By Leah Darbyshire.

Well, it took five months for the sale/purchase to go through but we have finally sold our Edwardian terrace in London and have bought a swish new 3 bedroom (3 bathroom - I know why? really?!) house very near to the canal and countryside in my hometown of Newbury, Berkshire instead.

We are loving it and rapidly settling into our new home (and new working commutes for me and Robin to London & Weybridge respectively). We're all enjoying cycling and walking Yishi along the canal (and in the countryside), and I'm enjoying trail running (finally could justify getting some trail shoes) and have beaten my 10k personal best down to 50:25 (and 5k now 24:18), so trotting the towpath regularly is obviously doing me good! We've also got a much bigger, nicer kitchen for our family cooking and baking.

Charlotte loves her "new house with the white door, not black door" too, which has a children's playpark nearby, and is currently obsessed with both cows and trains. She takes a plastic cow toy to bed with her each night and waves to meet the train that brings Mummy home, which she has decided is called "Stephanie" a la Thomas the Tank Engine character. We're hoping she'll also shortly benefit from a better standard of schools than in London.

Yishi loves the countryside lifestyle too and now takes regular swims in the canal.

We're all enjoying being nearer to our family - my parents are 1.7 miles away and Robin's only 30 miles away in his home-town of Winchester, so the grandparents are getting a lot more time with Charlotte and our brothers and my Auntie are nearer too!

It has been a very stressful year - and we've sacrificed our annual holiday this year in order to spend a couple of weeks unpacking boxes in August instead - but we're really very happy to have finally made our long-held dream a reality!

Photos of new house and surrounds, as ever, can be found in our Flickr album (links below).

September 2010
August 2010

That's it folks!

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