Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

On 22nd December 2009, we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary!

To celebrate the occasion, Leah put on her now five-year-old wedding dress and we enjoyed a 4-course dinner and lovely overnight stay (in the snow!) at The Bear, Hungerford, our wedding hotel, which we have returned to every year since 2004.

As usual, here are some photos from the occasion and the month of December in general...

Leah in wedding dress on our 5th wedding anniversary:

Two photos of the two of us, taken a few days later, on 26th and 28th December as we didn't have anyone with us to take a picture on the 22nd itself!

Charlotte with Leah in the snow, and Charlotte in her Christmas tutu made by Granny D

More of our photos from the festive period can be found in our
Christmas, 5th Wedding Anniversary & New Year Flickr Photo Album

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