Wednesday, April 25, 2007

News from The Darbyshires: We're expecting!

By Leah and Robin Darbyshire

It has been a long time since we posted on this blog, seven months in fact, and we certainly don't intend posting on it much again. However, since we noticed that a fair few people are still searching out this blog (as well as our new one and that quite keenly too judging by the search terms!) we figured there are at least some people out there who'd like to know how we've been getting on.

And well, we do have some fairly big news to announce to you. Leah is three months pregnant so we are expecting our very first child at the end of October. We are both very happy and excited. Little Baby Darbyshire is developing just nicely too.

In other news, a few weeks ago we bought a new house, actually just across the street from our old flat. We were able to take advantage of the South West London property boom of these last five years to upgrade our flat. So we have now bought a two bedroom, two bathroom Edwardian terraced house with loads more space and a garden especially for Yishi, our dog. We love it lots and are now embarking on the whole DIY and decoration process again (sigh).

We are of course back living in the UK after our year out in Singapore. Leah's firm relocated her back for a role in the London office (where she is now getting stuck into legal research) and Robin is again working for a medical technology company but this time for his former UK employer.

As for our dog, Yishi, after a fourteen hour British Airways flight and being successfully 'immigrated' by DEFRA, our now one year old red Singaporean English cocker spaniel boy is also back living with us in the UK. Yishi is really loving the UK with its cooler temperatures and the freedom to run free in the countryside and woodlands. The three of us are already having lots of adventures together discovering doggy paradises all over these isles.

Well, we hope everyone is well, peas out for now and maybe we'll be back with another update in six months when hopefully Team Darbyshire will have got even bigger!

Leah, Robin and Yishi xxx

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